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75th Oregon Youth Governor | Feb. 2020- Feb. 2021

YAG is a nationwide civic engagement and servant leadership program that provides students with the opportunity to represent and serve their communities through government, leadership and advocacy. Elected as Oregon Youth Governor in 2020 to serve as head of conference and be a lobbyist for youth interests in state legislature.

Served 380 Days in Office Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Chaired the Oregon Youth COVID-19 Action Committee

  • Submitted Youth COVID-19 action items to Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on COVID-19 and Governor Brown.

  • Represent the State of Oregon as a member in the Youth Governors Association.

  • Numerous meetings with Governor Brown, members of the Oregon Legislature, Oregon’s Federal Congressional Delegation.

  • Lobby for Nonprofits on Capital Hill

  • Help gain 28 US Senators and 142 US House Members to support Nonprofit stimulus.

  • With the help of YGA amended CARES and CARES 2.0 to include stimulus for nonprofits.

  • Emphasized importance of not cutting school funding to Oregon Budget Committee Members.

  • With the help of the Oregon YAG program committee we have successfully planned and executed the 2021 Youth Legislative Session.

  • Overseen January 2021 Elections.

  • Digitized Elections

  • Issued 4 Executive Orders

  • Signed 10 bills to be sent to the Oregon Legislature

  • Awarded the Youth Governor’s Medal of Honor to 3 people

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Communications @ Salem Keizer Public School's | July 2020- Sept. 2021

  • Social Media Management

  • Student Communication

  • Press Releases

  • Serving 42,000 students in the stated second largest and most diverse school district.

Editor in Chief at The Titan Spectator

Editor in Chief of the award winning Titan Spectator.

As Editor in Chief revolutionized our media taking us from a staff of 5 to 35; introducing a news channel, website, podcast series, documentaries and social media channels along with producing monthly issues.